Diary of PR Diva​

The mission and the vision of the diary of a pr diva is to highlight those working behind the scenes to make others look good. join us on the diary of a pr podcast, where the spotlight isn't just on celebrities but on our incredible guests working to make them look good. uncover the captivating stories behind the scenes of entertainment, shared by the communication professionals, stylists, producers, and everyone else who helps shape and amplify them. step into their world as we explore the art of pr through the lens of our remarkable guests, revealing the secrets, challenges, and triumphs that make the headlines. get ready for an insider's journey – where every episode unfolds a new chapter in the captivating intersection of communication and entertainment.

Meet the CEO

Along with her public relations and marketing background, adrienne is also certified in conflict resolution and conflict management; a skill that more and more large organizations are requiring upper management personnel to be trained in. this certification has helped adrienne become better equipped to handle crisis management situations along with any situations that may arise and cause potential negative publicity for a client. adrienne has held conflict resolution workshops with several non-profits, male & female youth groups, and women’s empowerment conference’s.

Meet the Team


Adrienne Allen

Founder & CEO

The Allen Crew

Vice President


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