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Our Approach

The mission and the vision of the Diary of a PR Diva is to highlight those working behind the scenes to make others look good. These are the publicists, managers, agents, attorneys, doctors, dentists; you name it, they have a place on the Diary of a PR Diva. These are the individuals whos work speaks volumes without their mouths saying a word.

Our Story

Adrienne has operated a boutique Public Relations firm since 2003 focusing on Entertainment and Sports industries while also assisting clients both large and small, in industries as varied as non-profits and startup business owners to publishing and spiritual ministries. Adrienne’s creative ideas and media contacts have largely contributed to her success.

Graduating from Morgan State University with a degree in Public Relations as well as attending Strayer University for master’s level classes in Marketing, Adrienne has spent years using her communication skills to help causes, companies and events create positive change. Because of being a part of their team, clients have reported seeing greater exposure and understanding of their brand than ever before and strengthened relationships with people who have the capacity to impact their success.


Meet the Team

When you think about a team, you think about the people who help the business to function on a day to day basis. For us here at the Diary of a PR Diva, team means so much more!


Adrienne Allen

Founder & CEO

Publicist, Brand Builder and all around great person!

Allen Crew

The Allen Crew

Vice President

My Family!



Schnoodle Master

Gate Keeper and holder of everyone’s secrets!

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